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Recent changes to Xero

Recent changes to Xero

Release Date: 19 May 2014

Here’s a summary of what we’ve released:

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New and improved payables and receivables reports

We’ve improved the look and feel of the aged reports. You can now include all sorts of fields in your reports and cater them to suit your organisation. For more information on how to run the reports and how to customise them, see our Help pages:

Bulk status change on repeating invoices

If you love repeating invoices then we’ve made it easier to deal with more than one of them at once. You can now bulk save as draft, approve and ‘approve for sending’.

Option for Adviser to set period lock date from the conversion balances screen

We’ve made a few improvements to make it clearer as to when conversion balances can or can’t be updated. Adviser users can now lock balances directly from the conversion balances screen. If conversion balances are locked you will see a lock icon on the General Settings screen and the balances themselves won’t be able to be updated.

Invoice import – ability to import non-base currency invoices

If you’re using our Premium edition you can now freely import invoices in a foreign currency.

Set Xero’s new default payment term for all your contacts

Recently we added a new default payment term based on the number of days following the end of the invoice or bill month. You now have the option to set this as a preference for all contacts.
How to set up default due dates for bills or sales invoices

Auto-create new line on manual journals

Whenever you select a field in the last line of a manual journal, a new line will automatically appear! If you don’t need to use it, that’s OK, we’ll remove it when posted.

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